Our Swiss Fans are thrilled with the Zipflracer

Monsieur Fischer tried out the Zipflracer for the first time  (Text in German)


And also our German friends are blogging about the Zipflracer (in German)


Thomas from München -  a big fan of the Zipflracer - had the thrill to test the new racer.
Here are excerpts from his letter to us:
"You really made our day! Unfortunately we only were able to ride six times in all. Three days in Sella Ronda, Italy, once Wildkogel, once in Davos, Switzerland, and the other in Obertauern. I do not believe that anyone raced more than the two of us. We know almost every slope there is in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland...In summary, the new Zipflracer is perfect. The new 'Zipfl' can be ideally gripped and the sleigh is even better to steer. Esepcially the horse saddle like grip is excellent. Super idea! The Zipflracer is definately fast, comfortable to ride (especially for me, I am 6 ft. 5 and weigh 95kg), out of this world steering capability and very stable....Daniel and I are cursing the upcoming summer and long for a superb winter 07/07. With lots of snow, not like this season. There are many things we would like to try with the Zipflracer, like 'Heli-Zipflracing'!"