How to Ride

You want to ride the Zipflracer but still need some tips?

Stefan Nutzinger and Georg Holl of the Ammenthaler Zipflbob Verein (race team) have got a couple for you:

  • Due to the tailering, the Zipflracer is easy to steer. You just need to move your weight slightly to the respective side or touch the snow (the other hand remains on the 'Zipfl' - the steer stick
  • Put both legs parallel to each other and stick them out in front of you
  • To brake just pull back the 'Zipfl', the Zipflracer will be lifted slightly backwards and will come to a standstill
  • To achieve maximum speed it is best to move your body as far back as possible in order to minimize air resistance. This is especially important when running races. 
  • Highly ecommended --> Ski Goggles, Gloves

Head for the slopes and READY - ZIPFL - GO!